The Nineteenth Century American was very different than the Twentieth Century American.They had different technology, food, laws, dress, customs, view of art and beauty, and family structure.They lived a lot differently than we do and they acted differently, also.They liked different things, and had different customs, also.They spoke English, but used different words and words had different meanings. The Nineteenth Century American ate many different things, but most of theme were simple.During the Nineteenth Century, the potato chip was invented.

American Indian George Crum invented them in 1853.He was a chef at a fancy restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York.Crum made French fries that were too thin to grab with a fork, to make a customer mad.They ate many things but mostly simple things.The enjoyed eating the hamburger, but they ate it on a plate, and not on a bun.Also Dr.

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Pepper was invented in the Nineteenth Century.A man named Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas invented it in 1885.He was a pharmacist, and he was experimenting with different flavors in soda.Also Nineteenth Century Americans ate oysters, oyster stew, New England clam chowder, many kinds of fruit pies, and seafood.Coffee was served with all meals.

Breakfast was served around seven, dinner (now called lunch) at noon (except on Sunday where it was served around two), and supper at six. Nineteenth Century Americans wore completely different clothes than the Twentieth Century Americans.Many young boys and men would wear suits, even as play clothes.Many were dark blue, with or black.There were many ruffles and cuffs.Many men and boys would wear tan colored shoes.Most women wore long hooping skirts, also with many cuffs and ruffles.

For work, many men wore blue jeans, after Levi Straus invented them. In the early Nineteenth Century, most people were of the Protestant religion.There were a few Catholics and a few Jews,..