The New Deal picked people up when the Great Depression sent them down.It restored faith in the American people.The New Deal helped bring businesses and unemployment from out of the cellar.It got the economy back on its feet after it looked like nothing could help.

All this was possible because of one man.Why did they put so much faith into one person?Even though the New Deal was a great success, why did they expect this one person to save them?You can’t put your future into the hands of one person.Franklin D. Rooseveltwas the man who saw this challenge and overcame it with great success.Even thought his great plan had there ups and downs, to many of the American people he wasn’t just another President, he was a hero. The Great Depression was a rough time for all the American people.It sent many banks, farms, and business to close.This caused people to loose there jobs and others to reduce their salary.

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This was a dark time for the people and they started loosing faith.The people put their hopes on Herbert Hoover who told the people that the Great Depression was coming to an end.The fact of the matter was the it was only in its prime.Hoover promised the American people many things that he knew that could raise hope in people, but he never took action.When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933, how did the people know that Roosevelt wasn’t just another President that would not take any action.

Roosevelt became the President and right away had to face a very serious problem.His election got him involved right when the economy hit rock bottom.Roosevelt knew he had to at least put a smile on the American people’s face.He started by selecting a tune called “Happy DaysAre Here Again”.The people believed this to be a promise that they were getting a President to rely on.How did the people know that this wasn’t just some guy making campaign promises?They say it was the unusual way that he.