The negative effects that political correctness has brought upon the equal rights movement. In this day and age it has become increasingly difficult to escape the clutch of political correctness. One can find this silent antagonist in the media, the classroom, and even our own backyards. People who at one point were in a position of power now find it quickly slipping away at the mercy of this double-edged sword.Take for example: the middle aged white male, who at one point viewed his age/sex/race as an asset, now finds himself getting attacked on account of these very aspects; or women who have successfully furthered equal rights, yet they still expect to be treated exceptionally.

When do we draw the line, and stand up for ourselves even at the risk at stepping on someone's toes? Eventually our society will loose all respect for anything less then a full time career, at the high price, and possible destruction of the family unit. The purpose of political correctness essentially helps diminish all types of discrimination and cuts down on the tensions that keep people divided; however, out of this forced tolerance has emerged a backlash. The media, business world, and society at large in it's futile attempts to promote equality often fuels the battle between the sexes. Perhaps this occurs due more out of fear of offending someone then anything else. In some cases this may even turn into reverse discrimination; for example, take the bus advertisement that one can see displayed on many if not all Toronto transit vehicles.This safety notice outlines one of the TTC's programs where women, after 9:00 pm can request that the driver stop between bus stops so she can be let out.

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Now I am not disagreeing that this vital service helps increase the feeling of security for those women who are traveling late at night. However upon seeing this ad, am I supposed to understand that men, cannot be in danger; men never find…