Therefore, sociology having great importance in the field of physical education and sports. Following are some importance in the field of physical education and sports. 1. Sports as Social Phenomena:Sociology focuses on sports as social phenomena. Influences of sports on an individual or society are importantly analyzed through various social aspects.

Sociology deals with individuals, groups which also engaged in sports. 2. Sports Ethics:Sociology develops social valves in individuals or groups, which directly or indirectly enhances sports ethics in an athlete. An athlete is a social being; .He applies the learned social valves in sports and shows good sportsman spirit. In the field of sports ethics (fair play, respect etc.) is highly required and sociology plays great role in it.

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3. Role Play:The process of socialization teaches us “Role play” as an important aspect. Every social being is essentially comes under the aspect. Role-play. Realization and understanding the responsibilities by an individual makes the society healthy and more progressive.

4. Quality Sports:Social valves, ethics status developed through socializations helps in providing us quality sports. For the development of physical education and sports, sociology assists in providing quality sports to society. 5.

Cooperation and Competition:Cooperation and competition are two important characteristics of socialization that exist in society. Sociology gives importance to both aspects and in sports both exist together. Sociology teaches us that cooperation’s as important as competition in society. 6.

Sports Become More Educative:Sociology makes sports and games more educative and valuable for the sports persons or society. Sociology teaches us social values and importance of healthy relationships, sports further strengthens the social values. 7. Social Control and Self-Discipline:In the field of sports many times spectators go out of control and this may lead to heavy mass causalities. Many times in European football league such uncontrolled situation has existed. 8. Group Dynamics:More the sociological effect on team members more will be the group dynamics. To work in same team or group and putting all effort collectively to gain good performance as a team/or group require group dynamics.

Sociology has given much importance on this aspect of socialization and this shows the importance of sociology in the field of physical education and sports. 9. Individual as Social Beings:Sociology helps individual to become a valuable member of a society. It enables a man to be good social being and a good social being understands the importance of social values and ethics in the field of physical education and sports. 10. Improves Standard of Sports:Through social factors like good character, discipline, self-control, loyalty, Nationalism, respect etc. in the field of physical education and sports standard of sports also increases. 11.

Achievement and Performance in Sports Increases:Healthy social relations with team members and others and good cooperative behaviour build confidence and motivation in players. Group Dynamics is considered an important factor for good performance of any team. 12. Sociology of Sports:Sociology of sports is an area of sociology that informs us about influences of physical Education and sports on society. Therefore sociology also explains the impact of sport participation on the life of a person or society as a whole.

Importance of sociology itself exists when we remind the statement “Sports is a social phenomenon”.