In the articleCultural Imperialism? Is No Joke,? Jeffrey E.

Carten states that Americans are not really care about the way they dominate other nations by exposing their values, ideas and products. He particularly mentions people in other countries have already tried to limit Americans? exports to their countries in order to reduce what Garten callsCultural Imperialism?. I agree with Garten that people in other nations think American culture is taking over their own cultures. Indeed, Americans have already created many negative problems in other nations especially in taking advantage in order to make profits, creating environmental problems and influencing others to follow Americanism. Many American corporations take advantage of other countries by paying low salaries and providing less benefits. There are many big U.S. corporations such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft which have migrated their factories to many developing countries since 1996.

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It is true that every company takes advantage in order to make profits. However, I do not like the ways American corporations are doing in other nations in order to make profits. They take the advantage of cheaper labors and avoid paying high tax and regulation fees in foreign countries. Although many foreign nations do not have laws that enforce enterprises to pay fringe benefits such as vacations, pension plans, health, and disability insurances, most local companies do provide housing and heath benefits for their employees. For example, my father who was an accountant worked at an administrative office in a local city of China and got housing benefit. The office provided a two-bedroom dormitory for us, but compared with my friend who works for Intel in Shang Hai, China as an accounting auditor, my father was much luckier.

She only gets paid 4500 Yuan ($563) per month without any other benefits. I know people who work in the U.S.

as account auditors and their salaries range …