Anticipatory defense is what the United States Government is now calling its precautions on terrorism. They plan to eradicate any persons of suspicion before they have the chance to infiltrate us. Isn't that an act of terror within it's self.Coercing attacks on people they anticipate will show aggression or in future will have the capacity to, is their justification, but an attack is only justified if it is done in retribution.Whatever the case may be, Does two wrongs make a right? Does "almost" count?How many people have been convicted on anticipatory defense? Self-preservation is thefirst law of nature.

The United States government with its hypercritical statues creates an illusion that this law is omitted its system. "Strikingfirst against an enemy was acceptable only when the necessity of that self -defense is instant, overwhelming and leaving no choice of means, and no movement for deliberation" (New York Times). So in other words you want to leave them lying flat on their backs with no way up except by your "goodwill".Isn’t that the way the United States has always operated?They create a united front of compassion for foreign nations with an ulterior motive.;They smile in your face all the time the want to take your place; back stabbers; (The OJays). We live in Satan;s Garden of Eden, paradise for the depraved.

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Anticipatory defense is a word used to neutralize the government;s approach in the effort to maintain its face of morality. Such mumbo-jumbo is deceptive in the since that it has a veiled intent.It beats around the bush to tell you what it plans to do.;Beating them to the Pre war;, (headline of the New York Times).

What exactly is a pre-war?Could it be the instigation of war?Peacemakers turned instigators, should;ve been the headline.Why is it that the government seeks to disguise its intentions?If it;s plan…