Compare Italian and South Asian migration to Australia in the second half of the twentieth century. Migrants in Australia have had a lot to do with how this country is shaped, from the very beginning when white settlersfirst arrived on our shores. In comparison with the rest of the world, in particular Europe, Australia is a very new country and due to its isolation, may have had problems attracting people to the shores here.

In an order to boost population Australia has had a high number of immigrants that have over the years contributed greatly to the nation. In particular there are a large number of migrants that have come from Italy and also the area known as South Asia, which encompasses India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh also known as the sub-continent. However the paths that these groups of migrants have taken to reach Australia is very different. This essay will attempt to compare the differences in the two migratory groups by showing the different reasons why migrants have come to Australia. Adding to this, it will cover the programs and assistance offered to migrants and Australian government policies that may have effected their migration.

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It will look at the skills Italian and South Asian migrants have or are able to obtain, in order to contribute to the workforce. Also, the essay will concentrate on the different types of migration from these settlers, to gauge a better understanding on how Italian and South Asian migrants have become a strong part of shaping Australia’s diverse and growing society. There is a long history of Italian migration to Australia, during the gold-rush era in particular, however the majority of Italian migration came after World War II, when Australia introduced a mass immigration policy. After much political upheaval, Italy was formally unified around the time of 1870, which created the need to distribute large landholdings amongst proprietors and peasants.

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