The Moors who originated form North Africa were a military culture who started their invasions and attempted dominance in 711 ad.

The purpose of the invasion was to bring their religion, politics, and their social standards to other parts of the world.But with this brought pain and suffering to where ever they went especially Spain.They were a group that were persecuted by the Christians and eventually expelled by the monarchy of King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella who were Catholic.Despite the persecution that the Moors went though they left an ever-lasting impression on the development of the Spanish people as well as the culture.Many of the impacts that the Moors made during their invasion can still be seen today.

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The history of the Moors is an interesting one.Muslim Arab armies swept North Africa in the 7th century in a militant expedition to convert tribes to Islam.In the Northwestern corner of the continent, they encountered several indigenous peoples, collectively called Berbers.In 711 ad, A Berber-Muslim army under their leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossed the strait of Gibraltar from North Africa into the Iberian Peninsula for a military invasion.They were confronted with Visigothic inhabitants, peoples of Germanic origin who had entered the peninsula via Gaul about 300 years earlier.The Visigoths had a hierarchical system of nobles and small kingdoms, similar to that of feudalism in medieval Europe.The invading Muslim armies destroyed this system and all the kingdoms in the region, and began instituting their own kingdoms.

Goderick, the last of the Visigothic Kings of Spain was defeated at the battle of Rio Barbate in about 715.By 719, the forces were supreme from the Atlantic Coast to the Pyrenees.They attempted to invade France in 732, but were turned back by the forces of Charles Martel, a Frankish ruler who was the grandfather of Charlemagne (Fletcher 1-13). For thefirst year of rule, the M.