The Mongol Catastrophe In my opinion this is definitely a neutral description of the Mongols. The document even says itself that the arrival of the Mongols is the greatest catastrophe and the most dire calamity that has ever been afflicted on a society. While reading the article one goes through a number of different feelings. Atfirst glance it seems as if the Mongols are being portrayed as powerful and as a society with no other equal. It says the "Tartars" conquered the most habitable part of the globe and the most populous part of it where the inhabitants were the most advanced in character and conduct.

It also says that no country was able to escape their devastations and conquest. But the article also gives me the impression that the Mongols were somewhat savages and they kind of even reminded me of the Vikings. The Vikings were the most feared of the invaders that began mounting raids in northern France. It talks about how the Mongols have no supplies and how they ride these beast. It also talks about how they eat all the beastly animals from dogs to pigs. It also suggest that they regarded nothing as unlawful and don't even recognize the marriage-tie.

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It even says that their children that were born often don't even know their own father. So in my opinion the primary document depicts the Mongols in both a positive and a negative light. In one sense you get the feeling that they were just a overpowering society that dominated local civilizations but on the other hand they are just simply portrayed as un-mannered savages. The Mongols might be compared to Alexander for a number of different reasons. Similar to the Mongols Alexander the Great gained his power by using military force. Just like the Mongols invaded the eastern lands, Alexander invaded Persia with its 48,000 strong army of Macedonians.

They were also similar to the Huns in the sense that they both invaded civilization…