Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She led what seemed to be a great life. She had a nice home, lots of friends, and happiness. Deep down, this girl was not so happy. She did not feel that her friends were true, and at times, her nice home was not so nice. Now maybe she was being ungrateful, or maybe she only longed for a true friend, but she was not happy.

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Over a short time, she found a friend in a very unlikely place. You see, her friend was an orange leprechaun. Many people ridiculed her for becoming friends with someone of another kind, but she felt it was true. She didn’t talk much about her friend and tried her hardest to put an end to the rumors. People wanted to make her accept her own kind and be friends with only her own She stayed close to her new friend and decided that someday they wouldn’t have to hide their friendship. She couldn’t wait for this day.

She felt that everyone deserved the type of friend He promised to always be true and did his best to help her with problems. For this, she loved him. She loves his friendship; she loved his ways. In a way, this made her sad. She felt that she didn’t have anything to offer him because he was from a better kind. For a long time, she believe things wouldn’t work out, but They often talked about life’s experiences. She told him what she knew, and he told her about his many great adventures.

You see, he was an orange leprechaun, and orange leprechauns experienced more than her kind. He told her of the many things he had done and seen. He also helped her to understand and enjoy the best things in life.

She greatly enjoyed hearing all he had One day, there was a problem. The Ruler of the Skies had found out about the mixing of the two kinds. The ruler demanded it stop at once. In her heart, she foolishly believed that her orange leprechaun would carry our his pro.