The Micmac natives were one of thefirst inhabitants that arrived from Asia to the North American continent. They crossed Bering Strait, which was covered by the last glaciation, approximately 30,000 years ago.Upon the settlement of the continent, the Micmac finally settled in the Maritimes. Here, they established themselves as people and as the dominant tribe in the Canadian Maritimes.

The Micmac were semi-nomadic since they routinely moved between summer fishing villages near the coast to inland locations for winter hunting. Their culture was established to distinguish them from the other native tribes settled nearby. Their clothing gave them a significant amount of freedom and was created, once again; to keep their tribe more characterized. Soon, came the contact with Europeans.

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The Micmac were probably thefirst Native Americans to have regular contact with the Europeans. This contact may have occurred as early as the 11th century with the Viking settlements on the coast of North America, or possibly with the Basque fishermen who visited the Grand Banks before Columbus' voyage in 1492.Before long, the European contact became very influential upon the Micmac peoples and integration of the two began.The Micmac were the most influential tribe in the Maritimes and their contact with the Europeans almost caused their own eradication. The Micmac were the more prevailing tribe in the Canadian Maritimes, but in most ways their language was similar to the other tribes.

Their language belonged to the Algonquian family of languages.It was known to be very rich and descriptive.Because the Micmac language contains some characteristics of Cree, many historians believe that the reason for this is because they moved into the Canadian Maritimes from the north possibly with the Cree.With their partial settlement they created in North America, the Micmac did very little farming because for the most part, they were too far north t..