Two Revolutions shaped the history of two countries: Mexico and Russia.Both Revolutions drastically changed the life of their people.I will compare and contrast both Revolutions.

The Mexican Revolution happened in the year 1910.There were many dictators in Mexico.The president of Mexico at that time was Porfirio Diaz that had been president for over 30 years, who was also a dictator with, Victoriano Huerta and Venustiano Carranza.The dictators fought for the interest of the peons.There were also people that wanted a democracy in Mexico.Francisco Madero that was educated in Europe and at the University of California led a series of strikes throughout the country for new election of president.

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(Mexico pg.1)Madero also had follwers that were, Emiliano Zapata and Francisco Villa.They also fought for democracy.Madero overthrows Diaz and became president in 1911.

Madero promised to return the land to the peons.Carranza then rose to be president and made the Constitution of 1917, which is still their today.In the Constitution they gave land back to the peons, which was the whole reason for the Revolution of Mexico in 1910. The Russian Revolution happened in the year 1917.There were many reasons for the Revolution that mad people mad.Russia was an Autocracy, which means that the Tsar had total power.

People in Russia wanted to make Russia more of a democracy.The Tsar at that time was Nicholas II.Wealthy people that didn't want things to change in Russia influenced Nicholas.

Rich people who weren't the most of the population ran Russia.About four-fifths of the populations were peasants.Lenin led one of the terrorist groups in Russia who used violence.Some of the reasons for the Revolution were that the people couldn't trust the Tsar, but the real reason was because Russia became involved in the First World War.Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, abdicated on March 2, 1917. (Mod.