The strive for equality is the main goal for non-violent and militant civil rights organizations but through different means of receiving so.

The main non-violent desegregation non-violent groups were CORE, SNCC, SCLC, and NAACP. The top militant civil rights groups were the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, also known as the Black Muslims. Both non-violent and militant civil rights groups wanted to be considered equal and receive the same rights as everyone else. Racism reigned supreme in the south when several civil rights groups began to defend their believed rights. Several racist groups took attacks against these civil rights organizers and injured and even killed many members. Both non-violent and militant groups knew that the had to rise above and overcome these racist groups as soon as possible. Though all striving for equality, these civil rights organizations had different intentions in doing so. Organizations such as CORE and SNCC went for the desegregation of schools and public facilities.

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They would do so in a non-violent manner and belief. Through being calm and non-violent the goal was to provoke anger, rage, and violence from their enemies. As a resul of violent actions shown against calm, peaceful nonviolent protesters throughout the media this would cause many people to become appalled at the actions. The public would not be able to ignore the violence against these innocent people. Some of this violence came about by sit-ins. This was used at several lunch counters. The members would sit at the counters and just wait to be served.

Many would be refused service and even be harassed and/or hurt for peacefully sitting at a counter.Other methods used were marches and freedom rides. Members would ride buses through southern towns hoping to be jailed and cause more violence. These tactics took time though. Time and much patience were required to achieve results. The militant civil rights organizations..