Soldiers of the Roman army had not one but many duties at their hands.Not only were they expected to fulfill their jobs as soldiers, but to serve for the bettering and well being of the community.Roman soldiers were obligated to a certain extent to be involved in building and engineering projects, aside from their military obligations.Along with their hard works and efforts it can be inferred that they expected a little something in return for their accomplishments.The militia probably expected benefits and rewards like money or days of rest.

Brian Campbell shows us that many soldiers had experience in building and engineering in the normal course of military life, partly because the army tried to be as "self-sufficient" as possible.They made their own materials and used those materials to maintain their forts, bridges and aqueducts.Soldiers were also used to assist local communities by paving roads and fixing buildings.These were the types of building projects that they would encounter to benefit the greater good of the community.Even though they would build and had other tasks at hand, they would be closely connected to their military responsibilities most of the time. The Cross-Section of Hadrian's Wall is also a great example of their ingenious abilities in the building, engineering and strategically inclined areas.

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It really shows the logic that the Roman Army had at the time to capture their enemies.It was the Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire.Ulpian and the river Orontes Inscription also show how the Roman Army was called upon to help in the building of public areas when needed by the Emperor. Tacitus shows us how the legionaries went through costly toil to do all these projects and services.Therefore, leading us to believe that the Roman army men were somewhat forced or threatened to do this kind of work.