In the early 1950's, America and the Soviet Union competed in the greatest race of all time. It was the race to space, more specifically the race to the moon. The Space Race became a symbol of a broad political contest between two rival world powers. Both the U.S.

and the Soviet Union struggled to reach the moon, and put man on it. "Before a watchful world, each side sought to demonstrate its superiority through impressive feats in rocketry and space flight."("Space Race"). The Soviet Union put thefirst satellite into orbit, as well as thefirst human in space. America had to reply, so we in turn put thefirst man on the moon, with the Soviet Union following close at our heels when they nearly succeeded in doing the same. Since America was in such a rush to reach the moon, several skeptics, and conspiracy theorists have brought up the idea that this historical event was possibly faked. There is a good deal of evidence that demonstrates no one had actually ever landed on the moon.

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NASA may not have had the technical capability of going to the Moon just yet, but pressure from the Soviet Union may have forced them to fake it. Thefirst bit of actual evidence brought up is the lack of stars in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon (There are none!). Without air, the sky is black, so where are the stars? More evidence also involves pictures. In all the pictures taken by the astronauts, the shadows are NOT black. Objects in shadow can be seen, sometimes clearly, including an American flag symbol on the side of the moon lander that can be read easily. If the Sun is the only source of light on the Moon, the skeptics say, and there is no air to scatter that light, shadows and everything in them should be completely black also.

Several pictures from the Moon are shown where objects on the lunar landscape have long unparallel shadows. If the Sun were the only l…