The Making of the USA Two main challenges met by the American people are the building of a democratic nation and the policy ofimperialismthat U.

S. applied in order to assert its authority all over the world. The Revolutionary War and the Constitution opened the way for a great surge of nation-building, since the Americans' goals at that moment were national liberties. Besides, the written Constitution set up the principles of separation of powers and Federalism which created a true national government. We will also see how the Americans could achieve their dearest goals such as, national liberationand free enterprise based on recurrent values like democracy, manifest destiny and the feeling of superiority. Moreover, these values in turnhave defined the American national identity and a sense of unitymaking the Americans feel that they are a special nation capable of overcoming the most challenging situations.

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In spite of this, the United States still has to deal with some unresolved conflicts such as, racism and economic unequality. To begin with,the building of the nation started with the American Revolution (1775). The goal of the war was national liberation. Patriots believed that the British were conspiring to take away their tradional freedoms, so they sought to protect their liberties such as, property, the right to bring their legal cases before independent judges, the right to call their own assemblies, and the right toengage in trade without restrictions and to pay no taxes voted bya British Parliament in which they had no direct representation. Although the seed of democracy was planted early in the colonies through town meetings and assemblies which decided on local issues, it was not a complete democracy since only landowners could vote. However, the experience of self-government in the colonies increased their sense ofautonomy. In addition to this, as the colonies were.