The mafia is a secret society that consists of an assortment of criminal groups who are divided into sub-divisions called families. It is considered to be a family operated business; in which each family had it's own little private city, that was located within a larger city as a way to keep themselves from being located by the authorities.

Each family was ulitlmley ruled by the godfather. Many people have said that the mafia has perhaps one of the best systems of power, more so than any other group or government known today (Organized Crime 1). Joining the mafia was like joining a religion .It was a commitment for life, you could not retire form it and this still holds true today. This was a serious "religon", even for the very young mafia members. They were taught basic uses of the sword, knife and rope, in order to murder their victims (History Of The Mafia 2). It can also be referred to as a type of bureaucratic society; in which every member/mobster has there role and all are ruled by one main person. Each family has a division of labor in which certain individuals are assigned a job that they are qualified for and they are each given a title that separates them from each other.

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The commission is a forum of family bosses that handle the interfamily disputes and they set the general policy for the mafia. Bosses or dons are the ones who give the orders and the family is supposed to follow them without any question. The under bosses are the ones who control the day-to-day operations of the family. The consiglieres/contabile were the ones who acted as the counselor or advisor to the boss they were also the financial advisors and they took care of al the money within each family. There were people called associates who would do the real dirty work. They were not "made" guys, they just hung around with the crew. They often were willing to do anything to get "made"; therefore they would han.