In 1990 war broke out in Sudan. Thousands of boys as young as three and as old as fifteen ran away in search of a safer environment. They went to their neighboring country of Ethiopia, where they were safe for three years.

The boys once again had to take flight. In 1993, the king of Ethiopia was being over thrown which caused the boys to flee. The boys went back to Sudan.

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Oh their way back they had to cross a river. Thousands had already died due to dehydration and starvation, and others died just from drinking bad water and eating poisonous leaves. Many more died crossing the river. They either drowned or got eaten by alligators. The remainder of the boys traveled to a refugee camp in Kenya. The boys were fed one meal a day along with one gallon of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning per day.

More and more boys came. While at the refugee camp the boys got to go to school but only in the mornings, because in the afternoons there would be dust storms and it was hard to concentrate. In 1998, the United States got evolved and decided that the boys can get a better education in the United States. So they took about a hundred kids by plane to the United States. These boys had never seen snow before and were cold. These boys had never seen a telephone, microwave, or electric stove before. They adapted to their new environment fast. These boys were named, the Lost Boys of Sudan, after Peter Pan's orphans.

Some of these boys are reconnecting with their old families….