events that took place on September 11, 2001 changed America in tremendous
ways.  Twenty years ago, when people are traveling at airports the extent
of security was a tenth of a fraction of what it is today.  The people
that were traveling used to never have to remove their shoes and people were
allowed to travel without passports outside of the country by using their own
birth certificates.  Today, times like that have changed and are only a
distant memory, it feels as if traveling without a passport outside of the
country is a made-up memory.  Unfortunately, that is not a made-up memory,
America’s security and identification systems were not as elaborate and
extensive as they are today.  Why did America change the way people from
all over the world travel inside and outside of the United States?  The
answer to this is that an event happened that changed history, changed the
country’s security and reshaped America as we knew it, it is called 9/11.

The events that shook the United States on September 11, 2001, affected
everyone all over the country somehow.  Schools shut down early, work
places shut down early, and it was as if the entire world had stopped.

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 The country faced one of the largest terrorist attacks it had ever seen
at that point and it was just like the country hurt and the people hurt.

 No one ever wanted to feel that way again, and that feeling is what
planted the seed in several people’s heads about the need for Homeland

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks unfolded, there was a lot of pressure that was
put on the government about the security, safety, future of the country and
where it was headed.  At the time, the president of the country was George
W. Bush and he decided to create an entire department that would be dedicated
to the security, safety, and many more issues related to the protection of
America and the people living in the country.  Therefore, “In 2002 the
Bush administration sponsored its own proposal and on November 19, 2002,
Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002” (Perl, 2018).  The
newly passed act’s purpose was to minimize and prevent terrorist attacks in
America and provide assistance for the recovery of any terrorist attacks that would
occur.  Shortly after the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was passed, on
November 25, 2002 the Department of Homeland Security was created with the
assistance of this act.  This newly formed department was created to
consolidate all the governmental units related to homeland security under one
roof and make it easier for these agencies to work together and collaborate
with one another.  The department was designed to protect the United
States from terrorist attacks, but the Department of Homeland Security is also
involved with protecting the country from natural disasters.  Now, someone
with a background in homeland security would be needed to be in charge and run
the department so, “The president, George W. Bush, named Tom Ridge, former
director of the Office of Homeland Security, to be secretary of the new
Department of Homeland Security created by the act. The Senate confirmed
Ridge’s nomination” (Perl, 2018).  To continue, with the creation of the
Homeland Security Act of 2002, and the Department of Homeland Security the
country as we knew it before was changing.  The government was beginning
to notice that there is an imminent need for homeland security in our country.

 There was a new created need for people to figure out how such an awful
and life changing terrorist attack was allowed to occur on American soil.

 The Department of Homeland Security needed to figure out how to prevent a
terrorist attack of this magnitude could be avoided.  The Bush
Administration was helping to heal the nation and its people, instill hope in
many Americans and evade terrorist attacks from occurring on American soil.

The terrorist attack that
took down the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001 illustrated to the
government that a need for Homeland Security in the country was necessary.  Another governmental event came out of these
events and opened the country’s eyes to new ways to protect America and keep its
people safe; this is known as the Patriot Act of 2001.  Furthermore, Patriot is an acronym and it
stands for “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools
Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, this was announced by President
George W. Bush on September 24, 2001, immediately following the terror attacks
on American soil.  Later, this new act
was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001.  The particular focus of this newly created
act is to, “Provide law enforcement agencies with the proper legal authority to
support their efforts to collect info on suspected terrorists, to detain people
suspected of being or aiding terrorists and terrorist organizations, to deter
terrorists from entering and operating within the borders of the US and to
further limit the ability of terrorists to engage in money-laundering
activities that support terrorist actions” (Bullock, 2016).  Essentially, this act was also created to
enforce and help support governmental agencies to protect the country in hopes
of preventing another attack similar to the 9/11 attacks. 

the new Patriot Act was created to help protect citizens and instill a sense of
much needed Homeland Security in the country, many citizens were afraid that
this Patriot Act would take away their privacy rights and civil liberty
rights.  This act allowed governmental
agencies to increase their surveillance capabilities everyone in the United
States, especially video surveillance, communication surveillance, people’s
personal information and even take a look at people’s financial information and
medical information.  However, the Bush
Administration felt differently about the Patriot Act, in his own words
President Bush said the act is going to, “Enhance the penalties that will fall on terrorists or
anyone who helps them” ( Staff, 2009).  The act increased intelligence agencies’
ability to share information and lifted restrictions on communications
surveillance.  In the end, the Patriot
Act was an important moment in American history because it is another safety
precaution that has come out of the terrorist attacks on September 11,
2001.  The country and the government
realized that a sense of power and security needs to be established and
recognized among other countries and the citizens of America because the
terrorist attack affected everyone in the United States that day some way or

Department of Homeland Security has learned how to evolve and form itself
throughout the years and how it should act and report to the disaster zones in
times of need.  It is one of the government’s
youngest departments and continues to grow and evolve as the years pass by because
terrorist attacks are evolving as well. 
Terrorist attacks are not only done through means of dangerous bombings,
they can be done using weapons, chemicals, and even technology.  The country has generated a well-established
need towards the Department of Homeland Security and has benefitted greatly
because of the lessons learned from the 9/11 events and the law that have been
created due to the terrorist events that happened on that day.  One example is the Boston Marathon Bombing,
the country reacted immediately and knew how to handle that event.  Governmental agencies knew how to come to the
need of those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing because the Department of
Homeland Security was established and has improved and learned how to better
handle a terrorist attack.  The
Department of Homeland Security is a beneficial addition to the government and
will continue to be because of the way the world is changing every day.