Frederick Douglass was born into slavery On the Eastern shores of Maryland in 1818.During the period of his life he escaped many slavery farms, became a great writer, speaker, and even served in the national government in many different positions.One of hisfirst works The cause of freedom brought him many friendships with many leaders.

He was a "Stationmaster" of the Underground Railroad and helped many slaves escape to freedom. Douglass spoke all around the world, mostly though in US and England.His topics all had to do with the brutality of slavery issues.He even had his own paper and published another name North Star.He helped to recruit African American troops for the Union Army, and his close friendship with Abe Lincoln, he helped to persuade the President to make "Emancipation" a cause of the Civil War. All of Douglass' children were born in hisfirst marriage, with Anna Murray.

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He met Murray in Baltimore when she was a free frican American.After Murray died, he married his former secretary, Helen Pitts who lived in Rochester, NY.Oddly, Pitts was a white woman, which back then was very uncommon to have an interracial marriage.

Douglass received great controversy over his white-women marriage, saying that in hisfirst marriage he honored his mother's race and in his second marriage he honored his father's race. In 1872, Douglass moved to Washington, DC were he was a successful Publisher of the "New National Era."In that same year Douglass' died for unknown reasons..

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