The Life and death of a Pharaoh TUTANKHEM King Tutankhamen was one of many Pharaohs of Egypt who ruled roughly between 3100 B.C. and 341 B.

C. To many he was one of the most famous, however, not the greatest of all pharaohs.Who exactly was this king, whom many referred to as "The Boy King."In this report I will briefly take a look at who his parents were, the period in which he reigned, and his death. Looking at the life of King Tut, we find and see that very little or virtually nothing was recorded concerning his life.Most of what has been learned was derived from many of the artifacts found in his tomb."In fact, practically nothing was known of Tutankhamen, when Howard Carter, the archaeologist, encourage by his findings in the Valley of the Kings, undertook, with Lord Carnarvon's moral and material support, to find his grave" (Desroches-Noblecourt 16).Mr.

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Carter discovered this fascinating tomb in November 1922.It took him approximately seven years of hard dedicated and deligent digging and searching before this great discovery was made.However, his diligence gave us a little more information about the possible parents of the king.

There is much uncertainty ad speculation as to the actual parents of King Tut.His father is pretty much narrowed down between King Amenophis III and Amenophis IV who preceded him as Pharaoh.Among the king's burial treasury there're some references to his possible parents (particularly pointing to his father as Amenophis III).However there isn't enough to evidence to secure its absolute certainty.According to Desroches-Noblecourt, "Only in one inscription upon a lion consecrated in the temple of Soleb and later taken further south to Gebel Barkal in the Sudan does Tutankhamen call Amenophis III his father. Many authors refuse to take this literally and regard it simply as a general reference to a royal ancestor.

Indeed, am…