"He's a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine … A salesman is got to dream, boy". Charlie says this in Death of a Salesman. He says this to explain that without dreams a man has nothing to look forward to. Columbus' letter to Queen Isabella is an early expression of the American Dream and the concept of America as a Paradise.

Columbus' letter to the queen emulated the American Dream because it provides people the hope and dreams necessary for them to take a risk by coming to the New World. Columbus wrote his letter to create a paradise in Queen Isabella's mind. If he had just described everything the way it is, it wouldn't seem as beautiful and wouldn't really grab her attention. He did not lie to her.

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All he did was extend the truth. There is no way to make something that is written feel just as amazing as the real thing, so Columbus had to exaggerate the letter in order for it to have the same breathtaking sensation as being right there with him. "In the interior are mines of metals, and the population is without number". In this part of the letter Columbus tells the queen of the possible riches to be found in the New World. Very much like the American Dream which people throughout the world come here to attain. The main reason people immigrate here is to make money and be successful. The mines of metal Columbus spoke of were another great reason the Queen would be interested in funding more of his trips.

The money and the possibilities that exist in the United States are the main incentives for people to come here. Countless times throughout the letter Christopher Columbus tells how beautiful the New World is and makes it into a paradise. One of the most intriguing parts was when he stated that the trees never lose their foliage. This is one of the descriptions that make the land seem magical, and make it feel like a dream come true. This is an early .