To be a great leader there are a lot of things that one needs to possess.

Having business skills along with political and civic means are some of the ways to be established as a leader.Taking control and guiding your people through trials and tribulations shows many characteristics of leading. For South Africa that leader was a man named Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela also known as Nelson Mandela.

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Based on his life and his political attributes Mandela was a hero to a near falling country. Mandela once stated that "The struggle is my life," and he was not kidding everything that he tried or did accomplish in his life took a struggle to get it done and in the right way, the Mandela way. Mandela was born in the Transkei province in Eastern Cape pf South Africa.His father Hendry Mphakanyiswa Gadca was the chief of the Mvezo.

Mandela was thefirst member of his family to attend school while at school he was given his English name of Nelson by his teacher.At the age of 10 his father died and he then began to attend a Wesleyan mission school.At the age of 16 he began to go to Clarkebury Boarding Institute; he completed his junior certificate in 2 years instead of the 3.Around the 1940's Mandela started his BA degree at Fort Hare University where he met and became life long friends with Oliver Tambo.After being asked to leave Fort Hare for political reasons, he moves to Johannesburg where he completed his degree with the University of South Africa (UNISA), he then received his law degree at Wits University.

In 1944 he helped found the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), whose program of action was adopted by the ANC in 1949.Mandela than began to travel around the country organizing resistance.Following him founding the youth league he was suspended and during that time he created the "M Plan" where the ANC branches were broken down into underground cells.By 1952 Mandela and .