The Land ofDream-An Essay on propraganda and brainwashing Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. Sadly, swiftly and surely, we have seen the sheep follow a hopeless shepherd.

Man has yet to see through that deeply clouded window of truth that pollutes the mind of almost every character belonging to the herd. Can salvation prevail from unscrupulousness subjects such as mind, sign, and environmental pollution? No one knows the answer, but it is possible to form some hypothesis as to the alternative directions that human development may take. Primarily, time and time again we see various so-called "leaders", "emperor's" try and sway the human mind to their order, to their command. It is done constantly, repeatedly and in a variety of peculiar ways, some so unimaginable one might be in disbelief. Psychologists, teachers, doctors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, various speakers and other thinkers of different race, culture and background all get sucked into the black hole of television, propaganda and this whole idea of"pop culture".

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Teachers promote it to young minds in schools, parents push their children in this direction to what they think is moral and righteous to help them survive in the "real world".How can we use the brain to its full capacity when we are polluting it by putting lust over literature or crime over creativity? To rid of this mind pollution, one must be educated properly. One must be apparent to what is really occurring. One must have the power and ideas to exonerate their membership to the he! rd of the brutal mass.

John F. Kennedy once implied, "A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on." Second, I ask the question, "What are our eyes susceptible to, to alter our thought?" Signs, billboards, filthy quotes, television, real life situations, quackery and the list continues. Do we really have to give in to what a f…