The Korean War was in all reality one of America’s most significant conflicts. As time goes on, though, people seem to dismiss it, ans now we call it the “forgotten war.”That is the reason that I decided to write a report on it.Not many of my teachers have ever tought me about the Korean War is so often forgotten is that from the very start of the war, the coflict presented confusing and contradictory messages. This war was the result of the division of Jores into North and South.

Up until the end of World War II, Japan controlled Korea.In 1945, the United tates made a decision that we would occupy the southern half of Korea.The Unite States did this out of fear, because tue USSR joined the fight against Japan in North Korea, and we feared that they would take control of the entire Korean Peninsula.This attempt of occupation would form a communist stronghold farther souththan anything that we had ever seen, enabling the spread of Russian doctrine to be quicker and more devistating to the concept of democracy.

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The communists had built a formidable political and military structure in North Korea under the Soviet command.The North Korean forces numberd between 150,000 and 200,000 troops by June 1950.On the other side of the conflict was South Korea with less than 10,000 men. The leader of Northern Korea was Kim Il Sung. He recieved a great deal of support from China and his fellow countrymen.

Kim Il Sung was a Korean guerrilla who earlier fought with Chinese Communist forces against the Japanese in Manchuria in the 1930’s. One of Kim Il Sung’sfirst actions was to force through a radical redistribution of land. South Korea was overwhelmed and did not have te manpower to win. The un forseen event was that North Korea’s stragety was complicated by the swift decision by the Unites States to helpsupport forces in South Korea. The United States used airplanes and naval vessels against North Korea in an att..