This movie was about a subject that I really had no knowledge about.Basically everything I learned about the subject came from the movie.I thought it was interesting that the U.S. dropped a bomb on a Cambodian city in 1973.

The pilot miscalculated where it was supposed to be dropped, and it did quite a bit of damage and angered lots of people.From what I could tell about the movie, the Khmer Rouge actually consisted of several different groups that controlled different parts of the city.Pran is the character in the movie from Cambodia who is kidnapped and sent to the labor camps.

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It is through him that I learned the most about the killing fields.The Khmer Rouge told the people that God was dead and that there was no God anymore.Pran said that they must honor the children because their minds were not corrupted by the past like the older people.

The Khmer Rouge said that 1975 was "Year Zero" meaning that everything was to start over brand new.Cambodians must completely forget about pre-revolutionary Cambodia and have no past.Pran had to show no knowledge of his French or English speaking skills, because according to the Khmer Rouge, he had never learned them.Pran said that only the silent survive and there was no questioning of the Khmer Rouge.I couldn't believe how bad the Cambodians had it after the Khmer Rouge took over.

At the end of the movie it said that there are still refugee camps on the Thai border and they are crowded with children of the killing fields.I had no idea that the torment in Cambodia had not yet ended.I just can't believe that there are actually people out there like the Khmer Rouge that killed over three million of Cambodia's seven million people…