In the book The Killer Angeles, had great in depth detail about the civil war. And the turning point in the civil warm, Gettysburg. The site which claimed as many American lives as the whole Vietnam war put together. A war site that still is admired today. There were many great leaders in the battle of Gettysburg. One commander in the book that I admired was Joshua Chamberlain. He was a man that cared about his men. And was grateful of the men that severed in his command.

He fought on the Union side. Another reason I have a lot of respect for Chamberlain is that he fought with his men during battle. For him to do that made his men fight harder for him.

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He had a lot of real emotions that his men could respect. He told the truth. He was a brave man that was well educated and had a good heart toward his men that fought with him. George Pickett was a man that I wasn't particularly found of.

He wasn't a well strategic commander. He was a stubborn man that lead many men to their deaths. He had no battles in the civil war that could put him in the list of top commanders in history. The quote by Louie Amistead and Longstreet is stating how the civil war is a holy war. How ones beliefs go against another's. How the war has more than moral belief.

That this war is about what is their god given right. How no matter what you do killing people is not the answer. That war will not lead to no were in converting people into your beliefs and how to think. Now was the civil war a "Holy War." It wasn't a war about religion and what religion is right.

It was a war that was about preserving the Union. In some eyes it was a "Holy War ." The war was based on a one belief system against another belief system. But the civil war was more of a political war. The role of slavery in this book wasn't much of an issue. Although the south would say they wouldn't fight for any blacks. But the north w.