The Jurassic Period took place about 210 million years ago. It went on for about 70 million years. The Jurassic Period was one of periods in the Mesozoic The life forms that were present during the Jurassic Period were not all of the life forms in "Jurassic Park." The Tyrannosaurus rex and Tricerastops had not evolved until after the Jurassic Period.

During the Jurassic Period the largest land animals of all were around. These giant animals were known as sauropods. The Diplodocus, the Brachiosaurus, and the Apatosaurus were all saouropods that were around during the Jurassic Period. There were also some rodents, no larger than rats, that roamed in the foliage, and were a number of the early mammals. They all were herbivorous and ate the lush vegetation that grew in their surroundings. Other herbivorous were the stegosaurus that had plates on its back that were used as protection from carnivores. The predators during the Jurassic Period were small buthorrifying carnosaurs, like Allosaurus, and Dilophosaurus.

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The fast coelurosaurs were deadly but tiny. They traveled in packs and scavenged. The Jurassic also had some of thefirst birds. The Archaeopteryx was supposedly a The sea was also full of life. Some of the ocean life consisted of the ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, and crocodiles that were much larger than they are today. There were also were modern looking sharks and Rays that were the same size and had similar characteristics. Also there were larger squids, octopus, and nautilus of the present.

Ammonites with their coiled external shells were also some of the life in the sea during the Jurassic Period. dinoflagellates and coccolithophorids were microscopic single celled organisms that lived in the The Jurassic Period also had an abundant source of vegetation. The floras .