The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County "The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County" atfirst seems to be a simple story, but actually turn out to be a complex integration of underlying plots.It is a deceptive story; leaving you asking questions.

Like, who is the villain and who is the Hero? What is the moral of the story? Simon Wheeler considers this story to be a very serious and important matter. In line 39 he says that he "admired its two heroes as men of transcendent genius in finesse"; who is Wheeler referring to? Jim Smiley is a gambling addict who can't resist the thrill of a bet.He will take advantage of any chance to satisfy his urge.He uses animals simply as a tool, not putting much regard to the health or well being. He forces his horse to race in debilitating states in order to please him, he allowed his dog to fight to the death in an attempt to win a bet Ironically it is these same animals that supply his income. It seems that Smiley doesn't put much regard to peoples feelings or their emotions.The comment he made in line 82; where, he wanted to make a bet against Person Walker.

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He wanted to bet that even "with the blessing of Prov'dence" Ms Walker would not survive her illness. This clearly shows what kind of person he is.What kind of person would bet a man that his wife would not get out her death bed anyway. Smiley seems to be blinded by his addiction to gambling and he is too sure of himself.He feels he has better odds of winning than the average person, because of this he lets his guard down.He is so confident that his frog is the best jumping frog in Calaveras county, he does not consider any other ways of losing.This leaves him vulnerable, and the stranger takes advantage of the situation.

And then there is the stranger, who i…