Her name is Isabella Van Wagner born into Slavery in 1797. She was one of twelve children parented by Elizabeth and James Wagner. Her brother and sisters were scattered on different plantations throughout the world.

Therefore, she never knew any of them. She was from Hurley, Ulster County, New York. Charles Hardenbergh owned both of her parents. John J. Dumont owned her. Therefore, she never had any physical contact with her parents. Isabella had an arranged marriage to a man named Thomas.

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The two of them had five children throughout their marriage. All of her children were sold as slaves. Imagine how she felt having to watch her children sold to hard life of brutality. Isabella could not do anything about it. In order to survive as Isabella did through slavery, strength and courage were the main factors. It has been said by many researchers that Isabella ran away from Dumont in 1827. However, it has also been said that she was released following the New York Anti – Slavery Law of 1827.

Therefore, the truth is very unclear to me. I am not sure how Isabella was freed. After she was freed, she lived with a Quaker family.

She stayed there for quite some time using their surname. During the time that she stayed there, they helped her retrieve one of her daughters by the name of Sophia. From 1829 to 1843, Isabella supported herself by domestic work, at the same time she was searching for life's deeper thoughts and meanings. She became a religious mystic and took on the name Sojourner Truth. Trying to save the world by preaching against sin, including the sin of slavery. She was an outspoken advocate of women's rights. Sojourner spoke with a deep voice, and powerful words leaving a long lasting impression wherever she spoke.

Sojourner Truth was a strong determined black woman and her words had an effect on everyone she spoke too. In 1851, Sojourner Truth became famous for her speech at the Women's Rights Convent…