The Jacobins are the regime that ruled France by terror From early June 1793 until late July 1794. To some they are to be praised, to others they are hated upon and justifiably.

"Albert Mathiez (1874-1932), depicts Maximilien Robespierre [the leader of the Jacobins] as a hero". But, on the other hand, "Alphonse Aulard (1849-1928) suggests that Danton was a martyr".Taking into consideration the commodious deaths that the Jacobins are responsible for it is hard to believe one would praise Robespierre.

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The Jacobins ruled by terror, others did not belie them for fear of death, those who did, often were guillotined. The Guillotine became a Jacobin trademark; in fact, the way the Jacobins stayed in power as long as they did was by executing the opposition. The Girondins in particular, suffered the guillotine in immeasurable amounts. All that apposed to the Jacobins were subject to fatal consequences.

The Jacobins had supreme power and abused it. They are responsible for many deaths, massacres, and assassinations. Whether the Jacobins invited liability for these plotted murders, they were always tied to mass killings. "No more than one third of all victims were nobles, clergy, or rich commoners.

Just over one third were property owning peasants or lower middle class townsmen, and just under one third from the urban working class".The Jacobins killed indiscriminately The Jacobins became carried away with power and after a short while were out of control, their actions made this clear. Robespierre the proud leader of the Jacobins sent many to their death by Guillotine. The Guillotine however, would take Robespierre's life by order of the Jacobins.

The above facts are all proof of how the Jacobins were a group of terrorists and a source of evil, no better than the world's current day terrorist groups. The world of politics is much like sports. It is one thing to have a great team, and battle to …