Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the Airplane onThursday, December 17, 1903. These two brother's change history forever. Because of there great deal of passion and motivation we could travel at a faster speed all over the world. Of course that many inventions have there advantages and disadvantages.

The airplane had and still has many ups and downs but we could try to over come these things and just try to see the positive side of this great invention. The Wrights Brothers had a good childhood. There parents tended to travel a lot so they got to know different placesaround the United States. As a young teenager Wilbur got hit with a bat across his face while he was ice skating. at the moment it didn't seem as if he was really hurt but later on he began to be affected with nervous palpitations of the heart which excluded the recognition of the idea of his parents, of giving him a course in Yale College. For the next four years, Wilbur stayed at home, sufferingfroma depression as from his heart disorder.

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During this time, Wilbur cared for his mother Susan, who was dying from tuberculosis.During the year 1900,1901,1902,1903 Wilbur and Orville decided to start working on a project together. They decided to put there hands into building the worldsfirst Airplane ever. At the time, it seemed a great deal of skill would be necessary to fly, so they found a great deal of practice would be necessary. Wilbur initially proposed to build a 150 foot tower with a pulley at the top. A rope, attached to the glider, would pass over the pulley and be tied to a counterweight, supporting part of the weight of the craft.

Wilbur believed this arrangement would permit the pilot to practice the skills needed to fly even if the craft was not yet fully airworthy. Octave Chanute wisely recommended against this course of action, instead encouraging the brothers to find a place with lots of san…