The subject that I will be focussing on is: Why has there been instability in Israel from its formation in 1948 to present day. This question can be broken down into several key areas: The Balfour Declaration of 1917; The creation of Israel; The subsequent four wars; Egyptian-Israeli peace talks; Turmoil in Lebanon and 90's to present day. I will focus on the Palestinian point of view as well as the Israeli. I will use biographies written by both sides and their own interpretations of what was going on along side them. I will show that for there to be peace in Israel, Israel must adopt a policy, which is less prejudice towards the Arab Israeli's who live in Israel but are Muslim. They must also decide what is more important land or peace.

I will also show that Palestinians need to be realistic as to the land that they can receive and that compromise on their part could stop the crisis. I will also show that Israeli's have been as much to blame for the violence that is still going on today. I will also use newspaper articles to show the different ways in which Palestinians and Israeli's are viewed by the media both in the past and the present.

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In November 1917, The Balfour Declaration sent to a leading Zionist, Lord Rothschild stated that the British government believed that a national home for the Jews should be created in Palestine. The Zionists were an extremist group who believed that it was essential that Jewish people should have a homeland of their own. Their rights to Palestine are on the basis that in the Old Testament god promised Jews Palestine as their homeland. Britain ruled Palestine, by the end of the 19th century and this did not please the Arabs who had expected self-government and an Arab state.

The aspect of the declaration that I am interested in is the place where it states "…the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..

."This has been misinterpret…