After the colonists in America decided that they were going to attempt a move towards freedom from British rule, they found them selves in a little bit of a "crisis.

"One of the more serious problems was that the British might try to invade, and stomp out such a revolution. This was no there only problem.The other on had to do with inner conflict with federalists and anti-federalists.The decision to scrape out the old Articles and bring in new ones was risky.The direct order from congress was to revise the Articles not throw them out and create new ones.The continental congress felt they needed to draw up a document that would provide legal framework with the Union, and would be enforceable by the law of New England. A debate exists over whether or not the United States was really in a crisis or not.Opposing views from anti-federalists and federalists, people's representation in the articles of confederation, and the likely hood of America's survival under the Articles will determine the true need for a drastic change in the framework of the new American government.

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The views of anti-federalists and federalists were very different from one another. Anti-federalists consisted of: the states' rights devotees, the backcountry dwellers, the one-horse farmers, the work soiled artisans, the ill educated and illiterate which are all basically part of the poorer class.They opposed the new Articles because they felt that it would make them pay their war debts and taxes, which they were unable to do. They also felt it would deprive them of their equality to other's.

The anti-federalists wanted equality with all others instead of being considered the poorer class.The Federalists had a different view.They felt that they needed a much stronger type of government and this might have been there one and only chance to make it.They felt that they had more right..