In the decades after the Civil War, American industry transformed itself into a new wonder of the world.New industries were beginning to develop and businesses were beginning to take off, replacing the dominant farming industry.People began to move to cities and the United States was growing as an Industrial Giant all thanks to the technology, mechanization, business expansion, forms of organizations and the government support that made it all possible.

At the turn of the century, technological innovations began to sprout.One of the most significant inventions in American history came in the year 1876.The telephone, patented by Alexander Graham Bell, signaled the rise of the US to the world leader in industrial technology.The year also marked the opening of Thomas Edison's laboratory in New Jersey.After only three years his research group created the incandescent light which burned for more than thirteen hours.Keeping up with America's fast growing pace, in 1882 the Edison Electric Light Company was launched in New York.

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Transportation even played a role in the technological innovations.The Transcontinental Railroad built in 1869 helped link cities in every state and became a nationwide market for goods.This service was expanded even further when the Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroads joined in 1880s followed by the most extensive railroad, the Great Northern.

Following close behind in 1900 Henry Ford completed his long talked about work on the gas burning internal combustion engine.At the beginning of the century over 4,000 automobiles were produced.Wilbur and Orville Wright took an unprecedented approach in 1903 introducing commercial aviation during theirfirst airplane flight near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.Transportation facilitated a progressive western relocation of industry.

For example, the Geographic Center of Manufacturing moved from mid P…