In the late 1700s to the early 1800s a revolution began in Europe.This revolution was known as the Industrial Revolution.

Originating in Britain, the revolution changed the ways that people lived.There were fewer people working in farms and more working in newly developed factories with newly invented machines.The result of this was mass production of goods that could be sold at a cheaper cost to the people, who had more money as a result of the Agricultural Revolution and the mass production of cheaper food.Technological advances along with a new workforce together could produce goods much faster and in greater quantities than before, leading to an abundance of goods. One of the main factors that lead to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution was that the Agricultural Revolution the century before led to a very large increase in food production.Less labor was needed for farming, it was cheaper to farm, and many more people could be fed as a result of the abundance of food.

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This lead to families not having to pay so much for food, as a result, they could obtain manufactured goods.Along with the abundance of food and the falling costs for food, the population was increasing rapidly.This made it possible for a new workforce to work in the newly developing factories.Markets were built where more and more manufactured goods could be sold, which in addition with the new labor force and the abundance of food, led to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, there were many technological advances.

One industry that was greatly enhanced was the cotton industry.The need for lightweight cotton clothes led to the mass importation of cotton from Africa.Demand for cotton clothes was so great that new technologies were needed to keep up with production. Inventions such as the flying shuttle, the power loom, and the steam engine greatly enhanced…