The Industrial Revolution and its Implications The industrial revolution brought change throughout the world. The world not be nearly the same as it is today if it had not been for the industrial revolution.

Society, Industry, Technology, and most everything we see in our daily lives is the way it is because of the industrial revolution. However, I cannot discuss all of these points. Instead I will focus on the changes in social structure, the lives of women, and the lives of the working class and the issues surrounding them. Personally, I believe that one of the most important changes that came as a result of the industrial revolution was the changes in the structure of society and the class systems. Before the revolution, every man and woman was born into his or her social class. Your position in life was determined solely by you birth and your blood. With the industrial revolution came radical change in this system. Almost immediately, people's own accomplishments and skills began to become the dominant factor in determining a person's position in life.

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This is thought by many to be a pivotal ideal of the United States. This was the idea that brought so many immigrants to the US in the early to mid 90's. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the lives of women. The amount of change that occurred as a result of the industrial revolution is not only an example of the changes in social structure, but rather a point in and of itself. Before the industrial revolution the lives of women were very limited. Outside of getting married or joining a convent, women really had no other options.

All of this changed with the advent of factory work. Now women were able to go out and earn a living on their own. In fact, the idea of being independent and going into the workplace and meeting new people became quite an attractive option. "Mill Girls" were a prime example of this. "Mill Girls" were women who wo.