The Indian Mutiny is a short story by Will Self, published in 1994, and is about a man, who believes he killed his history teacher back in primary school, by driving him into suicide. In the story, we hear of how the main character, Mr. Fein, droved his teacher, Mr. Vello, into taking his own life, by mentally harassing him. The story gives us a perspective of how evil and cruel children can be in their adolescence. When children are together in groups, they push themselves to their limits and test their teachers' borders. In this case, Mr. Vello, the teacher, doesn't seem to be able to handle the situation.

We never hear of one real attempt to stop the madness that goes on in his class, at least not before the making of his so-called "Indian Army". One may ask one self why Mr. Fein harasses his teacher to such an extent that he goes mad. The early hatred against Mr. Vello may not even be real hate but more specified a struggle for power. We are told that the class is divided into two, almost three groups. The Jews, the gentiles and the Asians.

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The Asian group is not a real group; they don't sit together in a group like the rest of the class. They are the only well-behaved children in the class, and Mr. Vello doesn't consider them a threat to the class order. Whereas the Jews and gentiles are in an ongoing competition for attention, which must be the reason for the noise and the tumultuous environment in the class.

In an attempt to outdo each other in being out of class-order, the children behave more wildly and crazy than ever imagined by Mr. Vello. He gets caught in the middle and loses his grip. Mr.

Vello tries to solve his problem in a wrong way, by creating his Indian Army. He is an unordinary teacher, who, tries to enforce respect, authority and some sort of martial law into a class of rather disrespectful children. In Mr. Fein's words (P.3 L.86) the school Creighton Comprehensive doesn&apos.