The 1880s was the start of the colonial time frame in African history. While Europeans and Africans had established relationships in a variety of settings for many centuries, the 1880s was a major turning point in Africa where the European attitudes were set toward Africa. The nineteenth century in Europe was a period of industrialization. Industrial facilities in Europe required raw materials to be fabricated into marketable items. As a result, Europeans looked for both a source of raw materials, and in addition, a market to manufactured products in Africa, and technology. Another explanation behind the Scramble for Africa, (1885-1910) which brought about the colonization of all of Africa in only a quarter century, was the competition between European countries.  Three motives that lead to Europeans colonize Africa are economic goods, spread religion, and for superiority to show their power and to make their country better in the nation.

(“Module Seven (B), Activity Two.”)The repercussions from European Imperialism during this time have affected tribal relations in Africa to this day. Many of the recent genocides and wars that have occurred in Africa are the product of the Scramble of Africa and the separation and mixing of rival tribes in Africa. Africa was very abundant in natural resources, which made the European countries more eager to be the ones to colonize it first. The major players during the “scramble for Africa” were industrial powers in Europe that wanted to go in Africa since has a lot of raw materials that they needed. Africa was the place that they all saw as being players in the “Scramble for Africa” were Britain, Portugal, France, and the Dutch all whom possessed raw materials.The most important reason to colonize was economic as a depression was happening in Europe. Nations like Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, different forces were losing cash, and Africa gave off an impression of being away from the whole depression thing of making money, being powerful by taking over.

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Many Europeans believed that, to profit out of Africa, Europeans can utilize its numerous raw goods to make the money in order to be relief from the depression. They accumulated oil, gold, ivory, elastic, palm oil, wood, cotton, and gum for paper. Since Africa, had cheap labor work, these materials were effectively obtained. These materials could possibly start a spark in Europe as financial needs.

The Industrial Revolution was additionally gaining progress in the economy by making these products as significance as never seen before. New African markets set up by the Europeans could create more trade. People at the time needed commerce to make profit for them.