The series of United Nation awareness-raising activities in 1970’s was catalyst for introducing gender into international and national policy making by giving women visibility in all areas-political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and humanitarian. Today, Gender has become integral part of global policies and work for welfare of women.

The United Nations was established, universal declaration of human rights and series of global conferences in early 1990 included the fourth world conference on women, which was largest international meeting devotes to human rights of women and gave equal status to women and creating an impression for educating the girl child so that they become more aware and have equal opportunity for development.

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The human rights multitude and reaffirmed that prohibition of six different ground of discrimination which deprive women of recognition of exercise of their equal rights-(1) sex, (2) pregnancy, (3) maternity, (4) marital status, (5) family status, (6) family or household responsibilities and duties. It also defining the global minimum standard for women.

Although the legislature has enacted various laws for protecting the dignity of women but these laws have failed to protect women from violence. The violence against women is increasing day by day. The number of crimes faced by women as given-bride burning or those relating to dowry death, rape, child marriage, immortal trafficking girls and women or those related with the sale of her body, sex trade, violence committed through wife beating, prostitution.

All these crimes against women violates their human rights and cause great exploitation. There is great violation of rights of women under police custody at work. There is great sexual harassment at work is a feminist myth. The guidelines define sexual harassment as anything from a remark to physical advance that offered self respect of women. Over last 10 years, women organization and activist has worked hard to define the gender specific nature of the crimes and bring them to attention of the world communities.

The convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women lays down the human rights norms and monitors the realization of human beings rights. The committee on Elimination of Discrimination against women, the main task is monitoring the progress made in its implementation.

It also form various standards relating to women composes that fundamental freedom and human rights to women as equal to men, prohibition of discrimination on the bases of sex and safeguard for equal treatment. It balancing the reproductive rights, family rights and recognizes equal rights for female children and main-streaming women human rights. The world conference on human right created platform for translation of commitment into holding government accountable for safeguarding women equal rights.