In today’s American scociety, students are slacking off in class. Statistics have shown decresing numbers over the years in scores pertaining to areas of studies, including history.

The majority of students are growing a lack of concern for any depth of knowledge for the historical roots of America. Becoming more aware about the battles that took place in America and the reasons for these battles can enable students to gain respect of where they are from.The Battle of San Jacinto is a prime exampleof the necessity to learn about the values that Texas has to offer. When I sat in my history class in 1995, I did not understand about the Battle of San Jacinto because I had only been in America for two years. My History teacher was always enthusiastic when she talked about the Battle of Jacinto because her family had been living in Texas since 1834. Because I did not know about the Battle of San Jacinto, I wanted to learn about it. I believed that the Battle of San Jacinto is important to the people in Texas because the battle shows what brave men are capable of when fighting for independence, and it is important for people to know their history.

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However, the Battle of San Jacinto might not be important to other people living outside of Texas. Nevertheless, I think people should know the history of the land in which they live and be proud of their homeland.The Battle of San Jacinto depicts what brave men are capable of when fighting for independence. According to Kemp”, Though the numbers engaged in the Battle of San Jacinto were not very large, yet the victory of the Texans was so great, that it brought the war to a close, and soon led to independence of Texas” (Par.1).

After the tragedy of the Alamo and the Goliad, Sam Houston and army could have surrendered. However, they were strong in their beliefs that Many Texans died at the Battle of the Alamo and the G…