Since the nineteenth century, the world had been changing really fast. As we have made dramatic progress in the science technology, the quality of life has been changed rapidly. However, those improvements of our lives have made us lazy to do anything because today our lives are flooded with the articles or goods. It is said since then that now we live in the hedonistic and materialistic culture. Living in those cultures, people do not need to care or worry about anything, and I think people dismiss from their minds to live together in peace because people tend to place a special emphasis more on the articles than on other people. As we start living in the hedonistic and materialistic culture, we have lost the value of the moral sense. Even now, it is worth to read and study a eighteenth century book, like Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, because it reminds us of the moral standards dismissed from today's our lives. I think many people who make a success of life today are influences by the eighteenth century books.

Recently I have read the books about empirical and successful philosophy, such as Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. What they said in a book is really similar to what the eighteenth century books said. Both book claim that the moral standard is necessary to make a success of life or to obtain happiness in the course of life. Although many people want to make a success of life or obtain happiness, they tend not to practice the moral standards of old fashioned values. In the hedonistic and materialistic culture, our societies have been brimming over with insincere attitude, falsehood, hatred, envy, and jealousy. This is a reason why the moral sense of old fashioned values has been lost in our societies.

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However, anybody can change oneself or one's mind; I think the eighteen century books were written about the moral sense because of the Enlightenment. Especially, the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin has inf…