A possible solution to Israeli Palestinian peace is very hard to come by. Evidently, not all Israelis & Palestinian are accepting of the other, or open to the reality that they are each other’s neighbors. The political ideas between both groups claim that no real change has taken place in the background of their relationship. There are Palestinians & Israelis who recognize that the relationship between the two groups has changed, but they are not capable of acting on their determination. Palestinians & Israelis have no other possible choice but to live next to each other.

The security of the Israelis & the pride of the Palestinians go hand in hand. The only practical idea for creating a Palestinian-Israeli peace is the development of a large agreement. The approach of agreement calls for Israelis & Palestinians to support their common needs & cooperate with each other. Improved Israeli safety depends upon improved Palestinian safety. Both sides get normal protection. The method of agreement highlights the failing of the usual aggressiveness in the Israeli Palestinian relationship. It is a form based on the idea that the search for self-interest leads to the advantage of both sides.

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Agreement requires a cooperative form of Israeli Palestinian relationship that focuses on the benefits of peace for both sides. Neither Israelis nor Palestinians can get peace alone. In fact, both sides have to make sacrifices. Given present realities, the Israelis cannot be beaten in a war; yet, they cannot win politically. The loss of the ability to force a decision by war sets a restriction on the peace process.

But it is a restriction that leaves room for strength, imagination, & skill in building & putting into place resolution & living in peace between both sides. Therefore, if both sides agree to help each other out, the outcome will, hopefully, be an alliance. I give credit to Dr. Awad & Professor Said for they;re report on this topic…