The Harsh Treatment of the Jews in the Nazi Concentration Camps The worst treatment to one single race during World War II was towards the Jewish race. These people were stripped of all their rights and then they were not even treated like human beings. The German's forced the Jewish people to leave their homes and did not allow them to take their possessions with them.The Jewish people were forced to live in the ghetto for a period of time until the were taking away to concentration camps or to be exterminated.The Jewish people that were in the concentration camps were forced to do harsh labour, their living conditions were horrendous, and the Jewish people were used as test subjects.

The Jewish people were forced into doing extremely hard labour when the went to the concentration camps.They were told that they given food and shelter in return for their work, but they were never given anything.The Jewish people were assigned "forced labour in German factories and on German farms" (USHMM).The Jewish people had to work in munition factories building bombs and making bullets.They also were assigned to build vehicles and had to make goods for the German war effort.They had to work on the German farms because farming was hard work and the Germans did not care if they worked the Jewish people to death because they did not care for them and they felt that the Jewish people were of a lower class.

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The Jewish people were forced to do hard labour the required lots of strength and the work that was given to them often wore down their bodies very quickly. The Jewish people "would toil at heavy tasks in road construction and in stone quarries" (Berenbaum and Peck 163).The Jewish people were forced to carry heavy boulders for long distances just to take them to the stone quarry.The Jews were even made to work on the "construction of concrete air raid…