Over six million dead. They were lured into concentration camps with promises of jobs and shelter and ended up being starved, beaten, treated like dirt, and put into "showers" to be murdered in mass. The skins of victims were used to make soap and lampshades (Jacobs, 1995). The Holocaust, a barbaric killing of over six million Jews in concentration camps, happened during World War II. Despite the fact that there were no concentration camps in Germany, Austrian raised Adolf Hitler was responsible for leading his Aryan race to carry out this incomprehensible act of brutality.

This large cult reached a mental level at which murdering Jews was all right, because they wanted to rid Europe of its Jewish problem. This cult is known as the Nazis. Why did Hitler and his Aryan race need to exterminate the Jews? There was no reason other than jealousy and insecurity. "But Jews were killed because they were Jews. They were dispossessed and singled out, humiliated and killed for no other reason than that they were Jews (Stadtler, 1994).

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" Members of the Aryan race believed that they were superior to all others, and anyone who differed from them, especially the wealthier Jews, was killed. The Nazis killed many other people, including Gypsies, but singled out the Jews as their main target. Now people say that this massacre never happened. The Holocaust, one of the worst mass murders of a single people in the history of the world, never occurred.All of the people, the stories, the campgrounds, the historical evidence, are feign as a guilt trip.

Stories, like the one of Berech Jakubowicz, a dentist who was forced to work on the teeth of his people, SS officers, and corpses to get out gold caps and fillings, are told to be lies. His anecdotes about going to a Holocaust museum and being told that he was remembered by the German archivist as the dentist at Auschwitz III, Fursterngrube was a supposed lie. The actual numbers that .