The Nazi's concentration camps were the world's most effective killing machines ever. Here, Jews were put to horrible, unimaginable deaths as the Nazis attempted their ultimate goal of genocide. It all started with the growing anti-Semitic feeling spreading through Nazi Germany that would humiliate all those opposed by the fuhrer. Its victims had nothing more to expect than being sent off to concentration camps to die and be incinerated. The Jews were not the only victims of this war machine. There was a long list of political prisoners as well as the Jews that were victimized. Although insane, and inhumanly cruel, Adolph Hitler's war machine was both the rise and downfall to his reign.

The use of these camps struck fear in all of his opposition. The concentration camps were the most top secret operation of the Nazi war machine. They worked quicker and more effectively than any bomb raid may have caused. "A man would step off a train in the morning, and in the evening, his cor! pse was burned and his clothes were packed away for shipment to Germany (Hildberg 211)." The most unique concept about the camps is that no other destruction process had been run on such an assembly line fashion. The camps were located in six main places: Auschwitz, Kulmhof, Trablinka, Sobibór, Lubin, and in Belzec. Each one had its own death record. For one example,Belzec's flame pit, which was used to incinerate the dead bodies, had a firing area capable of destroying 2,000 corpses in a single day.

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The killing centers all started in 1941 and 1942 at a time where there was the greatest rise in the number of the concentration camps. Each camp had two parts. Thefirst, was a camp where bunks, imprisoning, feeding and slave labor occurred. The second was the death area.

In this area was where the gas chambers and incinerators were hidden within the camps. Each camp's death facilities were different. In Auschwitz…