During the Holocaust, countless atrocious acts were committed against the Jews and other groups thought to be inferior by the Nazis, though there are a select few that stand out as the most terrible. The actions that stood out the most to me as immoral were; the murder of 600000 people at the Belzec camp in a 17 month period, the killing of 750000 people at Treblinka in a 16 month period, and the deportation of 437402 Hungarian Jews to the Auschwitz camp, most of whom would face certain death. One of the largest extermination camps, Belzec, murdered 600000 people from the time it began extermination in May, 1942 until it closed in August, 1943. This vicious act took only 17 months.

Once refined, the gas chambers could kill up to 1200 prisoners at once, whereas it could previously kill fewer than 1000 prisoners at once, and this act could take up to 30 minutes. Once killed, Jewish labourers would sort through the bodies and remove gold teeth, while others would sort through clothing in the change room, searching for valuables. Not only did the Nazis kill these innocent people, they then robbed them of all earthly possessions. Though it is incredibly immoral to murder someone, let alone large groups of people, they then decided to desecrate the remains and any shred of dignity these innocent victims had left. Treblinka, physically the largest of all killing centers, destroyed 750000 people from the time it opened in July, 1942 until it closed in November 1943.

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Treblinka closed because the prisoners in the camp revolted and destroyed the facility. If the prisoners did not revolt, the death count at Treblinka would have been much larger. This extermination camp had only one purpose: kill what the Nazis thought of as "inferior", most of which being Jews. The Nazis, or anybody else, have the right to isolate and persecute select groups of people. This was probably the worst act of genocide that was committed during the Holoca.