The Holocaust was a time of triumph, struggle and many deaths.It took place in Germany during the turmoil of World War II.More lives were lost in this conflict than in any other previous war in history.

The leader of the Holocaust goes by the name of Adolf Hitler.Hitler had much hatred for Jews even though he was Jewish himself.In German history, the church taught that Jews were to blame for the death of Jesus.

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So whenever there was trouble of any kind the Jews were blamed for causing it.Therefore, Hitler chose to use the Jews, who were blamed for everything, as a tool to help him become more popular. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933 and craved a more powerful, aggressive Germany.His Nazi party was the second largest political party in Germany.

It was made up of average civilians of Germany, who looked forward to Hitler’s promises to be fulfilled.He told people that they had been betrayed by Jewish bankers and moneylenders even though they were still suffering from the Great Depression which began a few years earlier.He promised jobs to everyone and blamed the old German government for things.People needed jobs, needed food, and were scared by Communism.

Many of them closed their eyes to the evil that he and his Nazi party were doing and blindly trusted the new dictator.Hitler dressed his troopers in brown uniforms and called them Brown shirts. By the mid-1930’s there were nearly half a million Brown shirts.Hitler’s private guards were called Black shirts.

Hitler also had a great interest in the youth, teaching them Nazism.Hitler later had different books published that schools taught to children saying Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems.Even fairy tales were re-written to say the villains were Jews.The Jews feared Nazis, even Nazi youth.With Hitler in power Jews had few rights.They were ordered to wear the star of David on their clothing saying “Jude” (Jew).

They had to…