The Holocaust is described as the deliberate systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jews by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria-Hungary, he then moved to Vienna to join the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts to follow his ambition of being an artist. When he was declined admittance to the school, he refused to work and became homeless. This point in time was when he started to hear his Pro-Aryan, anti-socialism, and anti-Jewish views. This is when he thought of himself as a German and not an Austria-Hungarian. In the beginning of WWI, he dodged the draft and was arrested in Germany and sent back to Austria-Hungary where he then joined the army and served in WWI. At this point, he began looking into political parties and joined the German Workers Party. They went form 100 members to 2000 from Hitler who began to move his way up until he was leader of the party.

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He then changed its name to the Nazi Party. Hitler then began to devise how to take over Germany. Hisfirst attempt was a failure called the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler and 600 armed men stormed a beer hall where the government leaders in Germany were meeting.

He was arrested and sent to jail for a few years where he wrote his book Mien Kampf which translates to My Struggle. Upon his release, he regained power in the Nazi Party again. The current German government fell and Hitler took his role as Germany's new dictator.

Some of hisfirst legislation that he passed was to create a Pure-Aryan race, and then he passed discriminatory laws against all Jews. He pulled the country out of the depression and created a huge army.The Holocaust started not long after Hitler came to power. Every Jew was thought of as impure and inferior. A nationwide boycott of all Jewish stores started.

The Nuremberg Laws were then passed.Jewish actors and lawyers could not work with Germans, Jews could not hold government jobs, and Jewish children w…