The tragedy known as the "Holocaust" took place from 1938-1945 during World War II.This was a horrific span of time in which the Jewish faith was persecuted and tormented beyond comprehension for their beliefs and way of life. As many as six million Jews died, almost two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe. World history is yet to see such a brutal act of inhumanity.

Many people believe that the Nazis were the sole puppet masters behind the Holocaust, but there are other factors that played a vital role in the mass annihilation of the European Jewry. Although the Holocaust took place during World War II, the war was not the cause. There are four major issues that contributed to the birth of the Holocaust: blind faith, scapegoating, propoganda, and the role of the youth. Adolf Hitler truly was in the right place at the right time.Germany was in ruins after emerging from World War I. Recovery seemed futile. The country was ravishing with poverty and hope was nowhere to be found.The citizens and government were desperate to attain a source of hope.

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They needed a new, innovative leader to lead them to the development of former prosperity. Adolf Hitler emerged as their savior.The German people eagerly accepted his comforting promises of everlasting wealth, happiness, and success. Hitler told Germany who was to blame for their misfortunes and proposed his solutions to the problem.

The Jewish population was the cause of Germany's misfortunes; therefore genocide was the only solution.What they did not realize were the horrors Hitler and his inner circle wanted to accomplish. Complications occur when mankind thinks their “problem solver”, Hitler at the time, is incapable of being imperfect.After the devastation of the war, Germans lost sight of their morals. Thousands ignored the screaming voices of their consciences and did exactly what the Nazis commanded.

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